Product Service Centers

QAI’s world class service centers offer service in Instrumentation, Avionics, Accessories, and Starter Generators. Each of our experienced technicians has attained accreditation servicing instrumentation in all four classes. With average experience of over 20 years our technicians perform service on engine, gyroscopic, navigational and numerous other instrumentation products. Our Avionics Lab accomplishes level three repairs on a wide variety of airborne avionics systems utilizing our state of the art test equipment. The Avionics Lab services products from communication to navigation. Products such as power supplies, inverters, fuel probes, lighting systems, pressure transducers, warning boxes, and actuators are serviced in our first class Accessory Facility. The Starter Generator Facility can meet your needs from minor repairs and brush changes to high quality overhauls. Service is accomplished with the highest quality and quickest turn times to help keep your spares to a minimum. Serviced units are disassembled, cleaned, balanced, and adjusted to maintain excellent aircraft performance for your generators.